Wednesday, April 27, 2011

life in color vs basic black

Especially in the spring, when colors abound, I find myself associating them to various moods and personalities.

Some people are all yellow -- with bubbling, sunny personalities. Some are sky blue, with mellow, happy, peaceful smiles. Some dark blue -- like the sky threatening rain -- these people I worry about, and remove all sharp objects from their reach.

But others of us, we are the greens and browns of the color spectrum. We are reliable basic black We blend, we fill in the background. And we are quite happy to do so. We are the emerald lawn you didn't notice because the lilies were waving at you in the wind. We are the last few leaves of autumn, found in stairwells and other strange places, that you wonder about then sweep away. We are that dratted muddy hill that you slipped on yesterday.

Yes we may not be interesting, like those blood-red tulips, or the neon orange tiger-lilies, but we are essential. And we know it. And we are a bit smug in that knowledge.

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