Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a little something to entertain you Part 3 of 3

“Where would you find such a man?” the second man asked in wonder. The first man looked sadly out the window, where the world still burned. “There has not been an Everyman on earth for a long time.
But,” he said, as he leaned closer to the window and his eyes grew a little brighter, “I know where to find the next best thing.” “What is that? And where do you find it?” asked the second man earnestly.” “Why it is a Man.” Said the first. “Like that one there,” he pointed an old man picking up garbage in the street. “And there,” he pointed to a group of young men pouring water on a blazing fire. “There,” he whispered pointing to a group of children picking up the groceries of an old woman, “There.” a woman tending to the dying.
“They are everywhere. They might not have the potential of an Everyman to save the world, but given a proper chance they will change the it. They will make it better. All they need is opportunity. For they already have the Dreamer's vision, and the Knight's virtue and courage, and they even have a little of the Everyman's heart. Give them a chance, and you will see.


Melissa Phelps said...

I may have to share with my Sunday school class sometime. OK with you? :)

Issa said...

Have at it. (Though it may be a little humanistic - mankind is essentially good.) :)

Anonymous said...

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