Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well, here I am again. I have an explanation, Would you like to hear it?

The flurry of comments and the skyrocketing number of subscribers to my site had me overly stressed. My booming fame got the better of me. I buckled under the pressure of your anticipation and then, the paparazzi! Oh my! What could I do but hide away in a remote cabin on the beaches of Washington state, and await the cooling of your fervor.

And now, now that I have been assured you have moved on. Now that the world has turned from blogging to vlogging, I may rest at peace and know that whether I post, or don't post no one will care. I comfort myself in the knowledge that you are not there. Ah, sweet isolation. So please, don't ruin my allusion. Please don't send me back over the edge. PLEASE DON'T COMMENT!!

You may be saving my life. And I thank you greatly.