Saturday, November 28, 2009

take that mr grinch

My Christmas tree is up. My decorations are in place. My shopping is done. My wrapping too. I have my Christmas music out, and the radio is playing it too. Snow flurries are in the forecast and all in all,

It's beginning to look A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tis the season
Tis my favorite holiday season.
Tis the only time you can get away with saying Tis.

Till later.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

status update

Nichole is. . .

-wishing her nose were detachable
-in love with cranberry juice
-in a fog
-contemplating skipping class and calling off work tomorrow
-five foot six inches tall
-halfway done Christmas shopping
-in need of jeep repairs
-ready to decorate for Christmas
-thinking of moving to Florida and marrying a 92 year old millionaire
-tired of the routine
-moving to California! jk
-updating her status
-without a facebook
-done with this post.