Friday, August 28, 2009


my way through homework. A bite of text book here, a portion of scripture there, full serving of syllabus all around. My favorite flavor so far? A.W. Tozer's The Knowledge of the Holy. I will admit, at first I just read it because it had an unexpectedly cool cover. But I really love it! I have to go slow, and I look like a severely handicapped person as I sit around campus mouthing the words to myself and then staring off into space trying to figure out their meaning. But I really do love it.
That's all for this post, I have lots to eat my way through before Monday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the postman knows my name

because I ordered my school books from Amazon, which means I receive two packages a day. He thanks me for ensuring job-security.

Have stuck to my book ban on non-curricular reading. Have finished my first textbook. (Bruchko and the Motilone Miracle, hardly qualifies as textbook.)

Really hungry for breakfast food. Contemplating fixing a breakfast casserole when I get home. Found a few yummy looking recipes tonight.

Have to go register pt now. Been great almost talking to you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

scattered thought (the only kind I think)

~I've had some lines from the old Disney Beauty and the Beast stuck in my head lately. "LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking" "A dangerous pastime" "I know."

~I have declared yesterday the first unofficial day of fall. I do this when the end of the year approaches and the weather turns cooler and the first few trees start changing or shedding. I love Autumn and it makes me happy to think it's coming sooner than you think. So never wait for official season to start, make your own seasons! Today btw is still summer.


~My friends are beginning to return! Hurray!!!!

~I have banned myself from reading non-curricular reading this semester. Except for holidays. And weekends I don't work. Maybe.

~It isn't good to have songs stuck in your head. It's worse when the songs have no words. Last night I was hum-whistling Chariot's of Fire for several hours.

~This is the plan. Get up early. Work hard. Do my homework ahead of time. Study harder. Try to really learn, not just test-learn. Get a license. Get a car. And someday down the road, I may find time to get a life. Until then. . .

the full time student that you will hardly ever see,

Monday, August 10, 2009

there and back again . . .

is the hobbits tale, not mine. Suffice it to say that we made it, there, and perhaps more surprisingly (mainly because I drove for four hours) back again. I'd post pics of our fun filled, crazy, constantly in the car, way over fed weekend, but I think Tiff has that covered.

Moving on. Met Alanna and Steven Nelson and John Price (we all went to eighth grade together) along with Tiff at Bruggers Bagels and had breakfast and a good time.

Then registered for classes at GBS, I will be taking 16 hours :( So my sleep will be none existent this year between school, school work, work, and any extra socializing I can slip in there.

Now it's back to work, with very few days off, trying to prepare myself (on multiple levels) for school. Still trying to find a car, plus get that licence (another test scheduled, which mean someone in the family should be dying or a car exploding soon) Pray for me!

Planning to go this weekend on a hiking trip with the family, Leanna and Cheryl, and anyone else I suppose that shows up. Wish you all could come.

Eagerly awaiting the return of the GBS population