Friday, March 25, 2011

like riding a bicycle. . .

I haven't blogged in awhile, but here goes nothing!

Anyway, for your reading . . . pleasure? a few excerpts from my week.

At school:

Sometimes I go, sometimes I sleep instead. I cannot yet tell which has been more beneficial.
I learned a lot this week,
@GBS, about hair biology (Principles of the Christian Life 2) making people feel ridiculous by giving them cups of dirt to carry around for the rest of the day (Creative Bible Teaching {not really the point btw}) that you can't reason with an atheist (Apologetics - also not the point) And that you should never fall asleep in Dr Browns' classes. But of course I already knew that.
@NKU, that I really couldn't care less if we cut down the rain forest. Hand me an ax - I'll help!!! (Not really, but I hate my Cultural Ecology class. We're watching recycling bins for homework!!! What gives?) and also that not doing my homework doesn't exactly motivate me to go to class.

At work:

That sometimes life isn't fair (also not new, just painfully re enforced) In the same shift I saw a young couple come into the hospital via aircare helicopter, both severely injured. Tragically, both of their young girls (age 6&7) were killed instantly. They were hit by a semi truck at a four way stop. An hour later a young man came in who was thrown from a car doing 65mph on the interstate, and his only injuries were cuts to his hands. Where's the equality? I'm glad I don't make these decisions, and don't have to understand them either. I accept that God is loving and never allows unnecessary pain into our lives.
On a lighter note, does anyone want some oranges? They sounded so good at the store, but I suddenly find myself lacking any appetite for them. Possible due to the x-ray I saw of a perfectly round orange sitting slam in the middle of a mans pelvis. I won't say how it got there.

At home:

I'm working on another quilt. This one's for Tiffany's graduation. (shhh don't tell her, I can only hope she hasn't noticed the sewing machine, cutting mats, and cloth all over the dinning room table.) If quilting has taught me anything it this, I hate ironing, and I don't have the patience to quilt. Great hobby huh?

And now that I have riveted your attention for awhile, I shall let you go back to the www, and find something else to do. My suggestion. Google "random things to do when bored" and then try something new. (stay away from the oranges though)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


They say confession is good for the soul.
I say confession is good for the conscience.

It's not like your telling God anything new.
Confession is a moot point unless there is repentance thrown in there.
But it soothes the guilt I suppose.

Sometimes I really think it would be nice to be Catholic.
Oh well.

My random thought for the day.