Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been working on a children's poem for awhile . . . OK a long while. I tend to be a perfectionist when writing so if I can't get it perfect, I put it away until I have the time and patience to work on it again. Recently I have taken it back up to try to smooth out and finish it up. We'll see how it goes this time. But here's the first few stanzas for your casual perusing. Comments, criticism and compliments welcome. Jk about that last one. The story is suppose to be about how dragons began to breath fire.

Dragon Fire
A dragon from the icy peaks
Of winter mountains high
Awoke with cold
Shook his scales
And took off to the sky.
Flying high above the ground,
he saw the earth below,
Saw mountains, valleys,
Rocks and trees
All covered deep with snow.
Sitting on the highest ledge
For miles and miles around,
He held his breath
And strained his ears,
To listen for a sound.
But all along those snow-bound cliffs,
No breath could ere be heard,
No bubbling brooks
No whispering wind
Nor even one small bird.
The dragon then with practiced ease
Let out a roar of song,
A loud fierce tale of loneliness
The wind, then sang along.
From his breath rose icy death,
A sad song of lament
Of dragon woes, nobody knows,
And frozen years, long spent.
Then as the echos died away
He shook his scales of blue,
Spread wide his wings
And flew up high,
In search of places new.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christ in Christmas

Its Christmas day, and I am at work. We celebrated early this morning knowing that I would have to be at work by three. Fortunately? Unfortunately? I'm still adding up the pro and cons of this working on Christmas thing. Pro: I get to leave just when the kids are getting really annoying with those stupid new Nerf guns -- Con: I had to leave before figuring out my Wii fitness age. (my mom is 72 and my dad is 68 I am hoping to come in at a low 50) So here I am, and there's nothing to do, so I'm reading blogs.
I keep seeing all these ads and mentions of keeping Christ in Christmas, and I have to tell you what I think. Well I've been seeing these for a few weeks now, and I have to tell you, the first one I saw on a little church sign, made me think. Keep Christ in Christmas, because without Christ all you have is mas and that's no fun at all.
Every time I see that now, that's what I think, but then I begin to wonder . . . What is mas?
The obvious choice seems to be mass. Christmas mass, which is probably repetitive. But Its not spelled mass, its spelled mas. So here is a list of things Christmas might be without Christ.

mas - slang for massive
mas - abbreviation for masculine
mas - Modula-2 Algebra System
mas - mobile atmospheric spectrometer
mas - Muslim American Society
mas - Country house or farm in the south of France, usually made of stone.
mas - Monetary Authority of Singapore, mas is Singapore's central bank.
mas - The Musicians' Answering Service was established in 1976, since then the diary service has built its reputation within the classical music business for professionalism and reliability.

Now I'm sure you all found that helpful and informative, and I just want to say, that unless your a massive male mathematician looking to invest or convert, please keep Christ in Christmas.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Christmas Crunch

My shopping isn't finished yet
Nor is yours I'd dare to bet

My pocket book is running low
I'd wager that yours is also so.

I have a million things to do
Quite probably then so do you

But here I sit and waste my night
As you do -- reading what I write

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I'm sitting at work, and my pt are all registered. I have an hour ten minutes and fifteen second till I can leave . . . but I'm not counting. The lobby tv is playing an investigative show on giant rats that people are reporting in Florida, new york, and Alaska. I'm talking rats bigger than your little dog. probably cuter too.

I'm alternating between trying to think of all the things that I need to do before my party on Saturday, and trying not to think of all the things I have to do before my party on Saturday.

I'm hungry, since I haven't eaten since breakfast and its now ten something (10:19:26) so I got to talking with one of the other ladies who works here and she's on a diet, so we sat together for awhile and looked at a website that lets you create menus, search recipes, and view instructional videos. So now I'm really hungry.

They have eliminated the giant rat being a cappabeara, but they have caught one now and are running DNA tests.

Tuesday in lab we looked at pond water thru microscopes, and let me just say, I will never swim again. Sitting here thinking of that makes my skin crawl . . . or that could be the pt who had bedbugs.

So they found out the rat was a giant African something or other that had been originally imported as exotic pets, then were found to carry monkey pocks and were outlawed, so some dumb breeder released his remain eight into the wild. And since rats can breed within four week of birth, have eighty some spawn a year, well, the Florida keys have a problem.

Well. since its now 10:57:39 I had better go finish my job so I can leave. only 26 minuets, 21 sec, 20, 19 . . .