Thursday, April 29, 2010

missions trip cont.

So on Sunday we woke up at the crack of noon. JK some of us were up at 8:00am had breakfast, enjoyed a little quite time out on the deck, watched the morning fog clear off the mt. and then read a little (stricktly recreational. homework was banned of course.) By this time the rest of the night owl had woken (some needing a little more beauty sleep) and we all gathered for a mornign devotional, lead by Mr Keep. More singing, and I did my best to join in, though I was almost totally mute by now.

The afternoon schedule was pretty clear, so the group broke into factions, some lazing about, some working in the kitchens on lunch, and some hiking up the small trail behind the cabin. Tiff, Lorna, Oliva, and I hung around with the lazer for a bit then seeing the boys coming down from the trail we decided that we too would work up an appitite.

Now for the first rift of the trip. You see ALL of us had decided to hike up the dirt trail barefoot, until Lorna, the Kenyan Princess, decided that her feet were to delicate. Then Tiffany, AKA Benidit Arnold, defected to the shoe side as well. By then it was to late, and I had a full scale pansy mutiny on my hands. They all wore shoes. But Mercy Grace joined us and we stood together. We stood on principle. We stood on two bare feet.(apeice) So we all hicked up the slightly steep trail, made the top, which was more of a middle, but the trail ended, and then Mercy Grace and I persued our way to the true top, for a truely magnifisent view, and yes, we did it barefoot. And yes, our feet were fairly scratched, but thats that.

Lunch was well on its way when we got back, so we all helped to set the tables (which in this case included setting the tables themselves up. sorta) and then opted for a short nap. Unfortunetly the rest of the group seemed to forget about us, and so they began lunch without us. Luckily someone remembered and came to get us so we did not starve.

After lunch most of the group drove out to another hiking place, and the "more focused on relaxing" of us played games and read magazines.

Another nice devotional that evening, and more singing. Dinner and bed. Thus ended Sunday. A day of rest. kinda.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


That's what the last sign I wrote said, as I dangled it in the front window so all the cars in the caravan could see it. But that's another story.

I am back from the Missions Retreat, fully retreated, wholly hiked, entirely too well feed, rested, restored, and renewed. Or something like that. The trip was GREAT! I had a blast. Way more fun than the same trip my freshman year. Freshman . . . They know nothing.

But on an entirely more serious note, Did you miss me?


I almost feel like not telling you anything simple for that. . . But I guess I should have given you some heads up, so . . . here's the scoop:

SAT: We went to the picnic, late of course (however intentionally late, which is new for me.) Had fun, played around with a new volley ball. (ouch that thing hurt) ate both a hot dog and a hamburger (you sold me on that Brandon Klotz. Thank you very much.)

Picnicking concluded we headed home with Anthony and Diane. Well sorta. You see, we needed to swing by mom and dad's house to finish some errands we ran on Friday, (yet another "another story") and we(Tiffany) didn't know how to cut through so we(I) called dad for directions. Got direction. Called mom for some other stuff. When suddenly, still on the phone with mom, I get shouted at "Which way? Ky or Dayton?" and there was much wild gesturing. I guess I should have given Tiff the directions before getting on the phone because we were now blitzing down the highway headed for a Y in the rd and she didn't know which way to turn. Slightly dazed and confused, I simple nodded in the direction she was most persistently pointing. Toward Ky. (FYI the wrong way.)

This wouldn't have been a problem had the highway planning committee foreseen the need for an immediate turn around. Instead we turned at the next available off ramp. At Perfect North. Needless to say we were late getting back. Which meant we were late finishing packing. Which meant we were late loading and getting to the meeting spot. All in all our trip started late.

However, we did have fun on the way down. We lost the school vans that were suppose to transport our gaggle (herd? murder? shrewdness? pack?), so we ended up traveling in a caravan of seven drivers. The cars ranged from the Glicks full sized van to Melanie's little yellow bug. We . . . well . . . exceeded the expected limitations of the given speed, pretty much the whole way there. Let's just say we made good time. Didn't stop to often for gas, only once to eat, and all in all had a great trip down.

Once we arrived, we unpacked, claimed our territory, and settled in. had a late night devotional, some singing. Some more singing (from the Mexico girls. Bravo!!) some more singing (from the Kenya girls. Brava!) and then a little more singing.

(An aside. I woke up Sat with a sore throat, sang for about six hours in the car, and then at the cabin so by Sat night I completely lost my voice. This would seriously effect my weekend.)

Other things went on Sat, but this particular retreater called it a night shortly thereafter and therefore has no knowledge of what those things may or may not have been.

That pretty much concludes Saturday so I'm gonna call that a post and tell you the rest later.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nothing to blog about

I have nothing to say. Therefore I must articulate it clearly. I am not a one, such as the Walrus, who thinks the time has come to talk of many things. I care not for dialogues of shoe or ships or sealing wax, let alone cabbages and kings.
You may think me impertinent to say that I find, at present, all around me . . . How shall I say this? rather boring. This includes you too dear reader. But fear not, it is not in yourself or your actions that I have become uninterested, it is rather the discovery of a new bit of information about myself that renders you so uninteresting.
You see, when I awoke cold and bleary eyed this morning, I discovered something. . . my nose itched. I thought little of it at the time, and continued on my way to class, where I discovered something else. . .My eyes itched. As if triggered by this last revelation my nose, still itching, also began to water. Then the insides of my ears itched. My eyes water. In short, I discovered much to my surprise, and annoyance, that I have developed allergies.
And so, dear reader, it is not you that has me uninterested. Oh no, it is the allergy medication which I have taken and which has rendered me, rather . . . dull-witted. So you see, it is not you. In fact you could juggle fire, while ridding a unicycle on the back of an elephant right now, and I am afraid I would still find you dull. Which of course you most certainly are not.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

MY 100TH POST!!!!!!!


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