Thursday, May 26, 2011

manuel labor and other happy thoughts

For some reason I have always found manuel labor to be a pleasant thing. From digging in the garden, to laying tile or lament flooring, to rearranging my apartment, nothing is quite so basic, cleansing, or enables me to think like getting my hands dirty and sweating a little.

Yesterday I spent several hours sanding away on pieces of my great grandmothers rocking chair which I stole from my mother, disassembled and began refinishing a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I haven't had much time for it since then, and its been sitting in the basement for awhile now. I have decided that this will be the summer I get it finished, and I'm off to a good start.

About half the pieces are sanded (by hand) to my level of satisfaction -- that is to remove all the old coats of varnish, etc. Once I finish the rest of them, they will get a fine sanding to make sure they are smooth, then a coat of stain - depending on the results possibly another coat - then a coat of varnish, a light finishing sand, and a top coat of varnish!

I can hardly wait to see how it turns out, and even though my arm hurt so bad last night I could hardly get to sleep, I'm anxious to get back to it. Hmm maybe I can perfect my left-handed sanding technique. I know it summer when I finally quit feeling like I have unfinished homework and start looking for projects to do.

My only worry is what will I do with the finished chair? That is, until I can return it to my mother.

In other news, Tiff and I rearranged our dinning room, I fixed all the loose kitchen chairs, the trap door to the fire escape, and the unbalanced floor fan. We've finally organized the bathroom, cleaned out (to a degree) the hall closet, and generally become more organized. Thanks in large part to Christianna and Laura staying with us the summer. While finding them places to live we have been forced -- quite happily -- to condense, clean out, and organize. My rooms even clean! Amazing.

What will we do next? . . . . We're thinking of adding on to our 2nd fl apt by expanding off the back porch.


TKB said...

Hmm...I might be interested in a rocker for a corner of the living room that's currently holding an uncomfortable black pleather thing...


contactforhelp said...
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